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DECay - an excerpt from deliquesce


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Alec Lyons
“Buried” is an excerpt from Deliquesce, an anthology dance film compiled of six chapters. Each chapter deconstructs elements of the word “deliquesce” through abstract storytelling and imagery. The film’s process began at the beginning of the COVID lockdown in March of 2020, utilizing 6 choreographers from around the nation in collaboration with 8 dancers from Salt Lake City. This project was built as an effort to continue creating art when live performances were not possible, uniting otherwise isolated artists to work together during a global pandemic. This project was a unique challenge for Blank Space, as it required diverse shooting and storytelling elements that we hadn’t encountered before. All editing, creating, post production, and artistic talent were donated to the process. Throughout rehearsing and filming, safety was prioritized and all COVID policies were followed.

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