full-service film production
Partnering with companies and people that are open to collaborating on story-driven content is our main focus. Blank Space is ready to take on every aspect of the filmmaking process.


not just a vendor
We want to feel like we’re a part of the team. Communicating in a way that makes the client feel like their opinions are heard is our top priority. It’s not just a job, it’s a collaboration.

pre - production

the fine details
Encompassing the first step in video creation are a myriad of undertakings, including script-writing, shot-listing, casting, scheduling, locations, and lighting diagrams. With extensive experience on small and large-scale projects, Blank Space is prepared to over-prepare and can essentially “see the future” of your project.


The fine details
From freezing temperatures in the Uinta Mountains to filming all day in the deserts of Southern Utah, the Blank Space team is comfortable shooting in any and all environments. Our team is prepped to ramp up in the crew and equipment department to meet your production needs. It’s at this stage that the project comes to life; when the collaboration between Blank Space, the client, and the subject results in a powerful story being told.

POST - production

the final touches
This is the exciting part, when the story comes together. The editor makes choices that dictate the pacing, feeling, and emotion. Blank Space handles every aspect of post, including editing, music, sound design and mixing, color correction and grading, motion graphics, title design, and even simple animation. Our team loves the satisfaction and gratitude that comes with delivering a final product and seeing where it goes from there.
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info@blnk-spce.com Our instagram

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